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Technical solutions distinctive for GEA WTT exchangers

  • Safety Chamber
The patented Safety Chamber™, the Non-Plus-Ultra for big brazed heat exchangers is the industrial standard for GEA WTT heat exchanger types GBS700, GBS800, GBS900 and GBS1000. The contact points (brazing points), which are responsible to take off the stress in the port area, are separated. Overloading of these contact points and cracking of the material do not lead to a mix with the other side - a maximum of safety for the user.
  • Full-Flow-SystemTM
The Full-Flow-SystemTM special developed for GEA WTT nickel brazed heat exchangers. To avoid freezing problems in the port area when using nickel brazed heat exchangers as an evaporator GEA WTT has developed the Full-Flow-System™. Continuous flow without stagnation around the port avoids "Port Freezing".
  • Delta-lnjection™ ...Distribution System chłodniczego
The Delta-Injektion™ distribution system on Advanced Evaporator AE models is made from AISI 316L stainless steel and provides precise allocation of refrigerant to the channels
  • Double Wall
For extra protection against leakage a special double wall system is developed. This system consists of two stainless steel plates instead of one. In case of internal damage, due to strong pressure variations for example, the chance of fluid contamination is prevented.
  • Plate Design
The rolled edge design makes for a stronger and more leak-proof heat exchanger. Extended contact points on GEA WTT plates create bigger and stronger braze joints.