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GEA WTT soldered plate heat exchangers- overview

Welded plate heat exchangers of GEA WTT
GEA WTT GmbH is manufacturer of welded plate heat exchangers with capacity till 4000 kW. The range includes eleven types of copper welded exchangers (GBS) and nine types of nickel brazed (GNS).

The standard performing is the heat exchanger with 4 ports on the end wall, but the heat can also be made as a two-stage hot water (two degrees of hot water contained in a single device) or in different configurations of connections.

The offer also includes a version of the high-pressure heat exchangers, marked GBH.

Construction and operation mode
Plate heat exchangers of GEA WTT consist of a specified number of profiled stainless steel plates connected by a copper or nickel solder. The plates are alternately arranged in packages. Every second plate is vertically rotated by 180° so two independent channels are formed, in which the media are kept flowing counter-current. Profiling of plates provides that the media is flowing with high turbulence, which allows very efficient heat exchange even for small streams. The heat exchangers are as standard equipped with stub pipes with external thread. Also the heat exchangers can be delivered with stub pipes with internal thread, with welded stub pipes or flanges.

Isolation and connection
Plate heat exchangers of GEA WTT can be ordered as a complete unit with insulation of rigid polyurethane foam. For exchangers with external thread we offer welded, brazed or threaded connections or screw flanges.

A typical application area of heat exchangers of GEA WTT are district heating stations and in-house installations (preparation of hot water, underfloor heating, solar installations), evaporators/condensers in cooling installations, industrial cooling installations (oil coolers), etc.

Sizing of heat exchangers
Using a computer program, we provide selection of the optimal construction for yours needs and application. The exchangers sizing program that ensures optimal sizing of welded plate exchangers can be, if necessary, shared with you. To get sized a heat exchanger, please contact our technical department that will in short time make you a detailed offer.


  • Plates: AISI 316L (standard), SMO 245 (on request)
  • Solder: copper or nickel

Operation parameters

  • max. pressure 30 bar (standard), 40 bar (on request)
  • max. temperature 195°C
  • max. heat power: 4000 kW