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14/12/2015 GEA WTT is changing into KELVION
Unique plate heat exchangers from GEA WTT offered by CIBET REenergy are getting a new brand - KELVION - under which they are offered on the market.

Steel brazed and economy type (16 bar) GEA WTT heat exchangers introduced to our offer.
06/10/2014 50 liter gratis!!!
All 750 liter line V tanks have extra 50 liter capacity!
10/02/2014 New Cibet REenergy website!
Today started our new internet website!
10/02/2014 BÖHMER valves since 20 years in our offer!
It's been 20 years since we have BÖHMER valvees in our offer
01/02/2014 Stainless steel tanks
We introduce all new stainless steel tanks series.
02/01/2014 biomass plant in srednia wies comisonned
On 28 November 2013 we commisoned 600 kW biomass plant at IGB Carpatia in Srednia Wies.
01/08/2013 Longer warranty for our tanks
Since 1st of August 2013 we extend warranty period for all tanks in our offer up to 5 years (60 months) from purchase date.