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TROMATIC boilers

Biomass fueled boiler plants TROMATIC

Automatic boiler plants TROMATIC fueled by woodchips are manufactured in the output range between 300 kW and 10 MW and can be used to provide heat for many kinds of buildings, e.g.:

  • public buildings – schools, sport halls, hotels, swimming pools
  • apartment buildings, especially in the country
  • wood processing plants, manufacturing plants etc.

Biomass plant TROMATIC consists of the following units:

  • water boiler with fire grate, combustion chamber, ash removal system, fire fighting system, water jacket
  • woodchips storage with hydraulic fuel outfeeder
  • screw, belt or chain fuel conveyers
  • flue gas system with flue gas ventilators
  • check and controlling system

The central part of a TROMATIC biomass plant is a low pressure water boiler with three-way flue gas channel and integrated combustion chamber with special fire proof coating. This chamber and movable step grating ensure high temperature needed for wood fuel and optimal conditions for wood combustion process (drying, gasification, combustion). High efficiency of the boiler plant provides supply of secondary air controlled via lambda probe.
Thanks to all these features biomass plants TROMATIC can be fueled by a wide range of fuel like woodchips (moisture content of 20%), briquette or pellets (moisture content < 12%) and fresh woodchips with moisture content to 55%).

Fuel storage and transport system
Biomass fuel is usually stored at the storage place outside the plant where it is removed from by hydraulic fuel outfeeders and further transported by chain or belt conveyors to individual temporary fuel container near the boilers. The whole fuel transport process is controlled automatically. In smaller plants biomass fuel can be stored in containers or rooms equipped with fuel outfeeders.

Flue gas system with flue gas ventilators
Flue gas coming out of boilers is cleaned in cyclone filters and are directed by blowers into the stack. The output of the blower is controlled automatically through frequency modulator controlled by the digital boiler controller.

Boiler plants TROMATIC are an ecologic, modern, automatic solution using locally available fuel – wood biomass.

Exemplary boiler plant in the output 6 MW