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BRANDES alarm systems

Heat pipleine- nerves of ecological and economical form of energy. Millions worth pipes lie under ground, go through canals, or are placed on overpasses. They supply heat to millions of people on a daily basis. How can we assure their reliability and long-lasting operation? How can we secure expensive investments and grid operation? What can be ‘eyes and ears’ of pipeline operator allowing for early detection of fatigue and malfunctions?

Knowledge about current state of the pipeline can spare various problems and costly repairs, or at least allows for better planning of such.

BRANDES sensor wire is an integral part of the pipe during its ‘life’. It controls quality and efficiency of every centimeter of the pipe. NiCr material, which is the basis of the wires, is far better than any other sensor in case of technical parameters. Waterproof and heatproof Teflon insulation, perforated every 15 cm, reduces surface of the wire to absolute minimum. Thanks to this parameters BRANDES system allows for detection and localization of even smallest moisture of heat pipline.