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Biomass projects

Biomass is a harmless source of renewable energy. Its advantage is a zero CO2 emissions balance and much smaller emission of SO2 emissions comparing to fossil fuels.

Utilization of biomass is favorable from environmental protection point of view not only thanks to reduced emissions. Biomass energy production helps reducing communal waste, food waste and forest industry waste. Moreover, energetic plantations like willow help in soil reclamation.

Biomass resources are common and accessible. Electricity production out of biomass is considered more sustainable and grid friendly than wind and solar sources.

Several examples of biomass fuels are listed below

  • Wood and wood waste (chips, shavings, sawdust, bark)
  • Wood pellet and briquette
  • Agricultural products and waste (straw, energy grain)
  • Straw pellet and briquette

Above fuels are commonly used in heat and hot water boilers.

In our offer we have own technology of biomass boilers TROMATIC in range from 200 kV to multi-megawatt versions.

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